The Reason Why Everyone Loves Robinhood’s Free Stock.

So you want to start investing without the price and pressure of huge Stock Brokers like E-Trade, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade. Look no further, if you think that free stock trades are a fantasy, think again! Robinhood offers commission-free stock trades. No fees, really! If a free, simple, basic stock broker app. Sounds good, right? Robinhood can be the free broker you’ve been trying to find. Robinhood is also offering a free share of stock to its new users! Just look at this free share of Sirius XM worth $5.45 I Received from my Fiance!

Robinhood Free Stock

Just sign up, its really that easy.

What Is The Robinhood App?

Robinhood is a discount stock broker that has definitely been a success from its beginning in 2015. Currently, the platform boasts over five million users. That surpasses the quantity of individuals UN agency use common brokerage E*TRADE. As of might 2018, Robinhood’s platform has hosted over $150 billion in transactions. and also the company has been recently valued at $5.6 billion. 2018 has been a large year for Robinhood. the corporate has created its web version, and unrolled Robinhood Crypto, that permits you to trade a number of the foremost common cyber currencies.

Here is a look at my current Robinhood Portfolio.

Robinhood Investing App


Robinhood can be a great way to introduce yourself to investing with no fees. The platform is often adding new options, as well as the web-based platform, choices commercialism, and Robinhood Crypto. whereas it’s not powerful enough to be your solely investment platform, it will work well for your individual stock account. It’s a good price. After all, you can’t beat free. Robinhood is recommended for beginners and buy and hold investors focusing on the US stock market.

These are some of the stocks I am investing in.

Robinhood Stock Investments

Get Your Free Share Of Stock Here

Use this link when creating your Robinhood account for a Free share of Stock! After you sign up, share your link with your friends and family so you can keep earning free stocks!

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