Five Secrets About Microsoft Stock That Could Make You Rich.

Summary of Microsoft Performance

  • Microsoft is Rolling out Subscription services. For Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Windows.

  • Gaming and Cloud dominance mean Microsoft shares are stronger than ever.

  • Microsoft stills owns 74.4% of the Global Operating System Market Share.

  • Microsoft’s stock has risen by 27% during the past year. That is better than the performance of all FAANG components (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet).

  • Microsoft is up 210% in the past five years!

“We think the underlying business fundamentals remain strong driven by Azure, Office 365 commercial, LinkedIn and Dynamics,” said BMO Capital Markets tech analyst Keith Bachman.

Microsoft had an amazing year in 2018 surpassing 100 billion in revenue. What if you could have a chunk of that?

Microsoft also has a 91% buy rating on Robinhood. What does this mean? Well out of 34 analyst 31 agreed that Microsoft is a stock you want to buy NOW!

One of my first rules of investing is don’t be a follower, but Microsoft has been killing it recently and has been the backbone of my personal portfolio.

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