My Portfolio as a Twenty Two Year Old Stock Investor.

August 5th was a bad day for stock holders. With the stock market dropping substantially because of the ongoing trade war with china. I thought to myself, what better time to show off my current stock holdings then the day after a huge market plummet. I used this drop as a chance to strengthen my portfolio. Buying in when the market dips is one of the easiest ways to make a quick penny. Over the past day I doubled down on Microsoft, Ford, Bank of America, and even decided to buy twenty shares of Sandstorm Gold. After looking over what stocks lost the most yesterday I noticed that people telling you to buy in on gold when you expect a market drop were not kidding! All gold related stocks managed to gain near 10% in value. While the vast majority of SPF500 stocks lost anywhere from 1-5%. Now that we got the Investing News out of the way lets jump right into my portfolio.

Lets start strong with one of my favorite stocks, Microsoft. I own five shares valued at 667.98 or 131.28 per share.

Four shares of Sprint valued at 26.66 or 7.14 a share.

Three shares of Bank of America valued at 83.54 or 28.20 a share.

Fifteen shares of Ford valued at 141.84 or 9.64 a share. (This is my personal favorite dividend stock.)

One share of Apple valued at 194.85.

One share of Cisco valued at 52.06.

One share of Honda valued at 23.94.

Twenty one shares of Zynga valued at 124.84 or 6.05 a share.

One share of Verizon valued at 54.57.

One share of Sony valued at 54.53.

One share of Twitter valued at 41.16

Three shared of AMD valued at 85.50 or 33.16 a share.

Four shares of Nintendo valued at 182.52 or 46.19 a share.

One share of Enterprise Production valued at 28.88.

One share of Simply Good Foods valued at 25.88.

One share of Berkshire Hathaway valued at 199.04.

One share of Disney valued at 139.37.

One share of Vangaurd S&P 500 ETF valued at 262.00.

Three shared of Pinterest valued at 97.74 or 31.72 a share.

All in all my stock portfolio consists of 88 shares of diversified stocks and is valued at $2,630.53. I expect my portfolio to grow 50% over the next 5-10 years. Remember guys its not about timing the market its about TIME IN THE MARKET!

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