What Investor Doesn’t Love Dividends?

Lets talk dividends. I recently found out about this stock and I gotta say its got me excited. If you have read any of my earlier posts talking about my portfolio you know I love dividends! I’ve been using mostly Ford as my high paying dividend stock, but now that I have discovered SPHD things have changed.

SPHD is an exchange-traded fund that combines the top 500 dividend paying stocks into one. The ETF finds the stocks with the lowest volatility and high dividend rate, and pays dividends monthly. I sold off my Ford shares and used that money to purchase ten (SPHD High Dividend Low Volatility Shares). The ETF (SPHD) is also up 31% over the last five years, and a dividend yield of 4.53% annually. Now that’s what I call growth! SPHD is the top dog of dividend ETFs.

Every great portfolio has dividend paying stocks, by owning shares of SPHD you don’t have to find a specific dividend stock to invest in instead you can invest in the top 500 in one fund. Another benefit is dividends also help reduce the risk and volatility of a portfolio by providing a steady stream of passive income. Who doesn’t love passive income?

If you would like to start trading stocks commission free, use my referral link and join Robinhood, we will both receive a free share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint!

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